Coarse / Rough Looking Skin
November 21, 2021

Coarse / Rough Looking Skin

If you have oily and combination skin, at some point, your skin texture begins to look coarse or rough.

Oily and combination skin produce more natural sebum making the pores enlarged and more noticeable. To reduce the size of pores, look for a face cleanser that is designed to remove deeply embedded impurities, toxins, pore blockage and dead cell build-up. An added benefit is to use an astringent designed to tighten the pores. A radiant complexion begins by removing pollutants, accumulated dead skin, excessive oil, perspiration and metabolic waste. 

Genetics determine pore size, as do skin type and age. "If your skin is oily, and that oil gets trapped inside the pores, it oxidizes and turns dark. And age factors into the equation because "over time—especially if you've had a lot of sun exposure in the past—you start to lose the collagen and elastin that support the pores. They begin to stretch and sag around the edges, which can make them look bigger.

While we can't shrink our pores with any permanency, the right skincare products and treatments can help keep the skin clear and tight, making pores less noticeable. Pores are a vital part of the skin, and getting rid of them completely is impossible.