October 31, 2021

What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror

We're covered in skin. So why does the part everyone sees constantly give us the most trouble? The skin on our face always seems to have an issue. Too dry, too oily, too many blemishes — we're forever searching for ways to improve the appearance of our skin.

We lose all concept of time as we hunch over the looking glass, over examining magnified versions of our faces. Every blackhead and enlarged pore make us cringe.  

Just like any organ, our skin needs oxygen to perform its many functions and generate new cells. The more new skin cells, the healthier your skin, and the better you look and feel. But beyond creating a better complexion, oxygen entering through your skin travels to other vital organs and tissues, supplying them with the oxygen they need to function.

Pore-clogging impurities, environmental pollutants and dead skin cells create a suffocating barrier, preventing the flow of oxygen into the body and the flow of harmful toxins out of the body.

Choosing a facial cleanser is a solid first step on your road to smooth, radiant skin.  Look for a cleanser that is formulated to gently eliminate impurities  and deeply embedded toxins when you wash your face.