Classic Add-On LED Therapy Treatment

(in combination with facials)

Length:  10-20 minutes

Name:  LED Therapy


  • Blue Light - Soothes inflammation, calms sensitive skin
  • Red Light - Anti-aging, promotes collagen, combats wrinkles
  • Green Light - Calming effect, even complexion, helps to lighten hyperpigmentation spots, brighter complexion
  • Yellow Light - Reduces melanin production; Alleviates redness from inflammation, sunburns, and rosacea; Stimulates lymphatic system
  • White Light - Relaxes skin; Accelerates growth of skin cells; Accelerates healing of skin cells; Enhances nutrient absorption; Helps treat wounds, acne, and wrinkles
  • Cyan (Blue & Green) Light -  Reduces acne and pigment stains; Reduces swollen capillaries; Helps with healing sun damage and inflammation;  Releases stress
  • Purple (Red & Blue) Light - Increases cell regeneration and renewal; Eliminates acne-causing bacteria; Reduces facial inflammation; Reduces appearance of acne-related scars

Treatment:  Non-invasive treatment for improved skin tone. 

Aftercare:  Use broad spectrum sunscreen.  Do not clean skin in evening after treatment.  Gently cleanse for first 48 hours after treatment.  Avoid direct sunlight, saunas, steam room and swimming pools for 12 hours after treatment. Avoid facial waxing, tweezers or depilatory creams.

Contraindications (not to be used if):  Pregnancy, epilepsy, photo-allergy, medications (i.e., Tetracycline), steroids or cortisone injections, Botox or cosmetic fillers, thyroid conditions, and history skin cancer, lupus or diabetes.

Cost:  $25

Frequency:  3-4 times weekly