Oncology Graceful Touch Facial for Caregivers

Length:  60 min.  

Name:  Oncology Graceful Touch Facial for Caregivers

Concerns:  Classic facial customized to skincare needs

Treatment:  This treatment pays tribute to the resilience and compassion of caregivers who support their loved ones through challenging times. It offers relaxation and rejuvenation facial with massage in an exclusive facial experience.  Each stroke of this treatment honors the caregivers who give their all, providing a heartfelt gesture, a moment of respite, and a celebration of the love and care they provide.

Aftercare:  For the next 24-72 hours, especially after exfoliation, cleanse and moisturize twice daily with our recommended products. To allow your skin to fully recover, skip harsh treatments like Vitamin A for 3 days and minimize sun exposure, including sunbathing, saunas, and steam rooms. Hold off on other exfoliating products or facials for 48 hours. This simple routine promotes healing, minimizes irritation, and helps your skin retain its healthy glow. For an extra boost, stay hydrated! Questions? We're here to help!

Cost:  $60

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