Products: Factors Affecting Skincare Quality and Shelf Life

The effectiveness of skincare products can deteriorate for various reasons, including:

  1. Contamination Risk: Using fingers to apply the product can introduce microorganisms like bacteria and fungi, promoting their growth within the container.

  2. Preservative Breakdown: Over time, preservatives in the product can break down, making it more susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth.

  3. Emulsion Separation: Emulsions, which blend water and oil, may separate, reducing the product's efficacy.

  4. Moisture Exposure: Moisture can create an environment conducive to bacterial and fungal growth, potentially damaging the product.

  5. Drying Out: Products may dry out, leading to changes in consistency and effectiveness.

  6. Exposure Effects: Sunlight and air exposure can alter the product's color, texture, and fragrance.

  7. Expiry Indicators: Some products may develop an unpleasant odor as they expire, signaling the need for disposal.